Here at White Summers our clients’ success means everything, so we’re thrilled for SpaceView‘s win at Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s (OEN) Angel Oregon Showcase this year. Over 60 applications were submitted, and over the course of 11 weeks three were chosen to present at the Showcase. SpaceView beat out BuddyUp and MotioSens, and earned the $240,000 investment.

SpaceView is our second client in a row to win Angel Oregon. Last year Nouvola, a cloud computing optimization service, won the investment of $256,000.

This year, Spaceview took the cake, and it’s no wonder why. It’s an app that allows the user to literally envision changes in the space around them. Just take a picture, enter a few metrics and drop in the desired changes. Learn more about the app and see the pitch Milos Jovanovic, Spaceview’s founder, used to win here.