The daily commute is about to get easier. Virginia Raglobesherpa, mobile app, app, smartphone, technology, Portland, startup, start-up. start up, transit, commuteilway Express (VRE) riders are joining Portland, Phoenix and LA today in the mobile ticketing world. GlobeSherpa has launched VRE Mobile, adding a potential 17.9K riders to their service network.

Like the Portland TriMet app, VRE Mobile allows riders to select their type (senior, youth, etc.), buy, store and show their tickets on their smartphones. They also have access to multi-ride tickets with Amtrak’s Step-Up program, allowing them to use designated Amtrak trains in the area. Other features, like trip planning, station parking lot status and real-time arrival information are planned for the near future.

GlobeSherpa launched it’s first full mobile ticketing app with Trimet in the fall of 2013. Since then they’ve added Valley Metro in Phoenix, AZ, LADOT in Los Angeles, CA and now VRE, which connects Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. GlobeSherpa is also currently working on a version of the app for SFMTA in San Fransisco.

GlobeSherpa is on a clear upward trajectory so stay tuned to see where they’re headed!

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