A Sticky Wicket is a metaphor used to describe a difficult circumstance. On the White Summers Sticky Wicket, we will illustrate and discuss tough issues, sticky situations and troublesome dilemmas that pop-up more often than not with entrepreneurs and hi-tech companies in the Silicon Valley.

Our hero, Whitebeard the Wise, will weigh in on the situation providing his thoughts on how to navigate these sticky wickets. Each sticky wicket will be introduced early in the week by an animated short illustrating the dilemma at hand.  Whitebeard will think this through, ruminate on things, mull over options – and then come out with his solution.  Whitebeard’s discourse is not a legal analysis, it is not linear, tidy and clean…it is his mental meandering on the topic….turning things over in his mind….thinking out loud as it were….as all of us do internally when we are trying to sort things out.  Our readers will have an opportunity to comment on the dilemma, and by the end of the week Whitebeard will provide his commentary.  Episode One of Season One is now posted. Please check it out!