This week our EU Office was featured on the front page of both the magazine and online version of a well-known IT Magazine in Hungary called: IT Business. The article is titled “Ahol szabadságot és álmot szolgáltatnak”, which translates to “They are providing/rendering dreams and freedom.”

The article features Tamás Weiszbart one of our Budapest Office Partners. The first part of the article focuses on his professional career: how it started, where Tamás has worked, and how he got to Boston University. The story transitions into how Tamás got in touch with the team at White Summers and why we decided to open an office in Budapest. The article ends with his thoughts on startup companies and startup people. He said in the article in reference to startup people, “We see them as artists, as unique individuals who need freedom to create.”

If you’ve been following our news section or social media accounts you are aware of all the wonderful coverage our Budapest Office has been achieving. This is only the beginning and we are excited for what’s to come!

To read the article visit here: Ahol szabadságot és álmot szolgáltatnak