“Fashion and technology are converging. In Wilsonville, of all places.” Some might find it hard to believe, but the hip headphone company makes Wilsonville its administrative office home.

The young company most well-known for being worn by DJ Steve Aoki and Olympian Michael Phelps is aspiring to connect with image-conscious “eco boomers.” So why is the company in Wilsonville? Well, Wilsonville used to be home to a few electronic companies, such as InFocus, which created projector technology. Scott Hix’s, Sol Republic’s president and CEO, uncle founded InFocus.  Hix left InFocus for Planar Systems but kept in contact with industry contacts. Soon, Hix joined forces with Kevin Lee and Seth Combes and started to build the brand Sol Republic.

Today the company’s design and social marketing efforts are run out of San Francisco where Lee and Combes work on building a strong following and connecting with people. However, it’s at the administrative office in Wilsonville that Hix, “mines Nike and Adidas alumni for their expertise in building brand appeal.”

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