Balázs (CEO of Real5D) was featured in the June issue of the Hungarian Forbes magazine. Balázs has been a client of White Summers for some time and in the article he gave perspective on how things started with the company.

Balázs spent over 10 years as a real estate developer and when the real estate bubble busted in Europe, especially in Hungary, he decided to do something different. During that time he created with his brother Real5D. The first version of the program launched in 2011.

In 2012 Balázs needed help, he decided to go to Silicon Valley to find investors for the company because without them he might have to close the business. He bought a ticket to Silicon Valley and had only two weeks to find investors as his return flight was already scheduled. As you could imagine based on the above Balázs was broke, did not have enough money for a hotel and slept in the car he rented. All of a sudden he found himself at a startup competition in San Francisco, which he won at the end. Finally he succeeded to find an investor for the company.

Where does White Summers come into the story? Well, Partner Mark White was the star tech lawyer from Silicon Valley who was very generous and helped Balázs close the deal in record time. So in a nutshell Balázs’ story is about an American dream that came true. He took a risk to go to the US in order to fulfill his dream, and finally he succeeded.

The article ends with Balázs speaking about the future of the company. His hope is that Real5D becomes the “Prezi” of the real estate business.

To see the article click on the link below:

Real5D Forbes