Robin Labs, a Palo Alto-based startup that focuses on enabling software to have a conversation with users, launched Less.Mail at the end of 2014. This new app is an AI-powered assistant that does the bulk of your email work for you. It can handle routine email responses through automatic replies based on the email’s content and you telling it what to do.

Check out a demo video here.

Robin Labs first focused on building a mobile assistant platform called Robin.AI, similar to Siri or Google Now. The company then built its first application Robin, a mobile assistant that is live on Google Play and has 1 million users. This was just the first step for the companies Robin.AI technology.

The hope for Less.Mail is to test the waters and see if a voice-operated email app can be successful in today’s market. About 80 percent of email today is routine, the team at Robin Labs is hoping to simplify those easy responses, such as accepting and adding meetings and events to our personal calendars or responding to status updates on projects due.

Right now the app is available by invitation only while the company sees how it works in real life. However, the team sees the potential and opportunity for commands being dictated through natural language rather than specific keyword triggers.

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