recently published a story featuring Dan Schoenbaum, CEO of Redbooth. Redbooth is a collaboration and communication platform that provides a place for shared tasks, discussions, file sharing, group chat and much more.

Schoenbaum, a former sniper in the U.S. military uses the training he received to help not only the teams at Redbooth achieve greatness but the company’s clients as well. To help people go beyond their limits he suggests the following four steps:

  1. Break it down into manageable steps.” Schoenbaum says sometimes the ultimate goal can seem unattainable; however, if you break it down into smaller steps seeing the end can be less overwhelming. Allowing the team to figure out how to get there and make mistakes along the way empowers those working to join together and reach the end.
  2. Rally the troops.” Most companies today are faced with competitors, we live in a growing market and losing to your opponent can be difficult. Schoenbaum believes that every part of a company needs to work together, not just the sales and marketing teams; every team needs to be fired up and ready to face the competitor as a whole.
  3. Use rewards – the right way.” Some believe that offering teams financial incentives will motivate people to do better work. Schoenbaum suggests offering rewards that help bring teams together instead. People should be compensated for doing their jobs, but offer things like a party for the entire company if a specific team can finish a deadline before the due date.
  4. Clearly define roles and responsibilities.” This might be challenging for some who like to micro-manage, but Schoenbaum believes that teams struggle with setting goals, roles and responsibilities; however, if the manger sets ownership and expectations it’s easier for the team to work together and be responsible.

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