Treehouse is making waves with the way they do business. They’ve recently been featured on the Today Show and in The Atlantic to talk about their implementation of a 32-hour work week. At the behest of his wife, CEO Ryan Carson decided to try it out in an attempt at “living a more balanced total life.” It’s working well for them. Employee productivity has risen, as well as overall life satisfaction.

Treehouse is an education service for adults who want to be a part of the tech industry. For just $25 per month students can learn programming languages and other development tools quickly to become competitive in the tech job market.

As a firm that likes to stay ahead of the curve, not only are we excited about the growth that our clients achieve, we’re also excited to see our clients changing the landscape and creating new environments. Treehouse is a company that is doing just that.

You can read the Today Show article here. Make sure to participate in the poll towards the bottom to see some interesting data.

Watch the video for The Atlantic here.